The Whole World Is Celebrating This News: Diabetes Vaccine Officially Revealed !

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases, and one of the leading causes for death these days. It is an endocrinological and metabolic problem in metabolism of sugar, fat and protein in the body.

There are two types of diabetes, diabetes type 1, which is most common in children, and is considered as autoimmune disorder, and diabetes type 2, which usually occurs later in life.

In the first type, the immune system in the body destroys its own cells that produce insulin, a hormone needed for glucose (a blood sugar) to enter in the body cells and feed them. In the second type, the major problem is insulin resistance, although the body produces insulin, the cells no longer reacts on it.

In medical practice, until now, there were only a few treatment options for diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes need to take insulin for their whole life and there are some promising results with stem cells treatment.

On the other hand, people with type 2 diabetes at the beginning can control this disease with exercise, special diet and antidiabetic drugs, but later they usually end up on insulin as well. This is because the pancreas ( the gland that secrets insulin) after years gets exhausted and stops producing insulin.

This disease, if uncontrolled, leads to heavy complications such as feet ulcers and amputation, kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, neuropathy etc.

But now, there are an amazing news on the scientific field. It was officially presented diabetes vaccine, which promises to be a solution for the disease progression and even reverse its effects.

According to the researchers, this alternative treatment can be used both in children and adults, and that does not cause side effects. They also exposed that although immunization is no cure, there are notable improvements in patients that were sampled.

They also noticed, although each patient is unique and the disease progression depends on several factors, there were a significant improvements in patients who received this treatment.

The creator of this autohemotherapy, Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez, to explain the procedure, indicated that after five cubic centimeters of blood is taken from the patient, it is mixed with 55 ml of saline, and then cooled on five degrees Celsius.

When blood is drawn from the body, it has an average temperature of 37 degrees, and when is cooled on 5 degrees a thermal shock occurs which corrects metabolic and genetic mistakes. This mixture then is injected into the patient and gradually corrects the problems. The vaccine lasts 60 days and this treatment is for about one year.

“This vaccine is much more than a drug; It is a medical practice. We see it as an alternative, a possible solution to stop chronic degenerative complications: stroke, hearing loss; amputation, kidney failure and blindness, among many others, “said Jorge Gonzalez.

To avoid complications, patients should collaborate with the doctors , because it’s an treatment option, not a 100% cure. Along with this vaccine, patient should continue with their regular exercise and diet to achieve the maximum results in order to avoid the complications that follow this disease, and moreover to reverse them.

Diabetes is an epidemic of the modern world. Share this article with your friends and relatives, it may change many lives.

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