Only 3% Of Housewives Know Of This Trick! I Could Not Even Imagine It

Do you know what will happen if you put a red onion that you’ll cut into quarters with its peel into some chicken breasts while you boil them? The meat will be pinkish! It looks amazing!

If you prepare soup made of onion peel, the soup will have a wonderful color as well as an amazing flavor.

Onions are amazing and here, we’re also going to present you some of their most amazing properties!


  • If you scrub your dishes, pans, grills or pots with some freshly cut onion, you’ll manage to remove all of the carbon deposit. After that, use a dish washing detergent and some water to rinse everything well. All the burnt odor will also disappear!
  • If you’re left with one half of an onion that you don’t want to throw away, it will dry out certainly. Put some salt in a plate and put the onion half on it. You’ll prevent the drying!
  • The juice of onions juice can help you remove sweat stains from your clothes. Just put the juice on the stain, leave it to act for a while and rinse it away as you usually do. The yellow stains will disappear very soon!
  • Insects like mosquitoes or ants. Just cut an onion into rings and then put them in a bowl with water. The insects will disappear soon!
  • All the dirt on your shoes can disappear with a little bit of onion! Clean leather, fabric or the sole! Even grass stains will disappear!
  • Onions are abundant in anti-bacterial properties, so they can help you relieve skin inflammation, irritation or insect bites!
  • You can prepare a decoction made of onions shells to help you against inflammation and sore throat. Drink it with some honey!
  • Onions are abundant in medicinal properties. Prepare a mask made of onion paste to help you against oily skin: onions will have an oppressive act on your sebaceous glands. The inflammation will disappear because the skin dries.
  • The water which has stayed with some onion peels is very good for the scalp: it adds volume to your hair, eliminates dandruff, strengthens it etc. Shampoo your hair as usual. When you rinse the shampoo away, apply this solution and you’ll be amazed!
  • Many people avoid onions because of their odor. This smell will disappear if you eat some almonds or nuts after you’ve eaten garlic or onions.
  • Dry small pieces of onions. You can use them for flavoring any meal!
  • If you put onions into flour, the flour will obtain an appetizing aroma. Prepare delicious salty tarts, homemade bread, as well as bread rolls!

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