For This You Do Not Need Surgery: Get Rid Of Bunions Naturally

Today, bunions are one of the most common and most painful diseases around us.

A bunion appears when the big toe points toward the second toe, which results with a bump or prominence on the inner edge of the big toe and first metatarsal bone.

This condition manifests through redness in the impacted area, bursitis, blistering and callus formation on the bunion and nerve damage which could cause numbness or intense pain. If you don’t treat this condition, it could affect the joints as well. Women are more vulnerable from bunions than men, which is not a coincidence.

A scientific research has proven that the main cause factor is the shape of the foot: individuals who have longer big toe than the rest of the toes have increased risk of bunions. Also, other factors that contribute to bunions formation are shoes with points and heels and genetics.

Dr. Ray McClanahan is an expert for “conservative foot care” treatments and claims that most foot conditions can be avoided or healed by restoring natural function.

The conventional medicine treats bunions with surgery that removes the piece of the bulging metatarsal bone and realigns the joints. But, the surgery doesn’t treat the root source of the problem and should be the last option when other, less invasive solutions can be implemented. The surgery cannot prevent the reoccurrence of the bunions, particularly if the factors that promoted their development are still the same.

  1. All people who suffer from this condition must avoid tight shoes. They should wear wider shoes that will not apply pressure on the feet while walking.
  2. You can relieve the bunions by wearing special splints. They should be used all the time for several weeks in order to correct the bone deformity. This bunion split will help you relieve the pain and realign the big toe.
  3. A special rehabilitation exercises for bunions will allow you to correct and relieve the pain. You will need to stretch your feet muscles by stretching your big toe, realigning it with the other toes. Implement these exercises regularly every day after taking off your shoes.
  4. You can also use some home remedies that will diminish the pain and relax your feet. The best home remedies include:
  • Put lavender oil directly on the bunion and apply a tender massage on the affected place. Do this every night before sleeping. Lavender oil has strong anti-inflammatory characteristics.
  • Make salt baths by combining lukewarm water and 2 tablespoons of salt in some large bowl. Hold your feet in this bath for 20 minutes.
  • Wrap your feet with hot water compresses.

Keep in mind that your body should be cleansed by the extra salt accumulations. You can do this treatment:

  • Add 1 tablespoon of minced bay leaf in 300 ml of water and cook for 5 minutes. Use enameled pot for this recipe.
  • Once you are done with the cooking, store the resulting mixture into a thermos and leave it to stay during the night.
  • Strain the mixture in the morning and consume it in small sips during the day. You shouldn’t drink it at once.
  • This treatment lasts for three days straight. Prepare a new drink every night.
  • Iterate the treatment once again one week later.
  • This recipe will make you to visit the toilet often during the day due to the strong diuretic properties. But this is good because it is a sign that the salt from your organism started to dissolve and slightly irritate the bladder.
  • Within 10 days, you will have the desired results.

Do this method for 2 months, and you will get rid from the painful bunions for good.

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