Eat Two Pineapple Slices Per Day And Improve Your Health

The fruits are really healthy to consume every single day. They have a lot of nutrients for the health. The pineapple is a very delicious and healthy fruit. It helps your organism to function better and it has a good influence on the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory system.

The National Health Service of GB claims that the best dose of pineapples per day is two slices or about twelve pieces.

The pineapple prevents a lot of diseases.

What will happen if you eat two pineapple slices per day?

– It reduces inflammations since it contains bromelain. The bromelain is a substance that is helping your body to fight against an inflammation. It also helps you to get rid of damaged cell. The bromelain also reduces the pain, swelling and it is healing the wounds faster.

– Improves the work of the heart. This fruit has a lot of vitamin C thus the pineapple is protecting the body from different vascular problems and it is helping in the production of the collagen in the muscles, cartilage, bones and the vessels in the blood.

– The pineapple contains vitamin A and you will prevent development of a macular degeneration.

– This fruit will strengthen the bones because it has magnesium and calcium. One cup of this fruit will be enough for your body to get the 70 % of the dose of manganese that you need per day.

– Pineapples prevent strokes. The fruit has a lot of potassium and it helps in the reduction and the prevention of strokes. The fruit also prevents myocardial infractions because it is removing the plaques from the blood vessels’ walls.

– It makes you look younger. The fruit has manganese thus it is protecting the cells from the free radicals that are harmful for the skin and the organs.

– Improves the digestion since it is relieving the constipation and the swelling. It can also help you with ulcers or ulcerative colitis, but before you use it you should consult with a doctor.

However, you should be careful with the pineapple if you suffer from peptic ulcer of the duodenum and stomach or gastritis, because this fruit is increasing the acidity of the gastric juices.

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