Chinese Face Map Reveals Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick And How To Fix It

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a way of reading diseases and conditions directly from the face. Chinese healers have been using this method to detect numerous diseases. Our facial skin is very sensitive and can reflect internal changes faster than the other body parts.

The ancient Chinese face map associates certain areas of the face with certain organs. Whenever we experience some kind of imbalance in the body, it manifests on our face in the form of rashes, pimples and color changes. Here’s how to use the technique to detect certain disorders:

Forehead: bladder and small intestine problems

Cause: the forehead is connected to the small intestine and bladder and often suffers as a result of consuming canned foods which can slow down your digestion.

Cure: to relieve problems with the skin on the forehead, avoid consuming too much alcohol and try to sleep more overnight.

Area between the eyebrows: liver

Cause: excess consumption of meat can overwork the liver and stomach and result in chronic fatigue. It could also be a sign of allergies to some foods.

Cure: consume fresh and healthy foods, meditate and exercise to relieve problems with the skin in this area.

Eyebrow and arch: kidneys

Cause: problems in the area around the eyebrows are usually caused by too much alcohol, poor circulation, weakened heart and smoking.

Cure: to relieve the problem, reduce your caffeine intake, avoid consuming too much alcohol and sweets and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Upper part of the cheeks: lungs

Cause: this area of the face is affected by smoking, air pollution and asthma and may cause dark circles to appear under your eyes.

Cure: avoid going outside when it’s highly polluted and quit smoking immediately.

Nose: heart

Cause: skin problems in the nose area can be caused by poor circulation, bloating, gasses, polluted air and high blood pressure.

Cure: check your cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Drink green tea every day can eliminate toxins in your body. Exercising is also important – the sweating will also clean your body of toxins and protect your heart.

Cheeks: lungs and kidneys

Cause: the skin on the cheeks is affected by problems with the lungs and kidneys due to excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and sugar. It can also be affected by smoking and stress.

Cure: avoid consuming unhealthy and processed foods and quit smoking if you’re a smoker.

Mouth and chin: stomach

Cause: food full of fats, sugar and stimulants can affect the skin around your mouth and on the chin. Stress and staying up late can also be the cause.

Cure: consume fresh fruit and veggies to balance your system and consult your doctor if the skin problems persist.

Jaw and neck: hormones

Cause: drinking less than the recommended amount of water, excessive sugar and salt intake and too much caffeine can affect the skin on your jaw and neck.

Cure: reduce the intake of caffeine, sugar and salt and the problem should go away.

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