5 Health Problems That Can Be Cured Just By Using Onions

Although garlic is known as best natural antibiotic, onion can also give many health benefits. Here we are going to show you some great reasons why you should consume onions daily.

Using Onions

Onions can be super add-ons in healthy salads, but they can be even more than that – onions are great for your entire health. Some experts think that certain illnesses can be treated only with onions, so don’t waste time – go to your local market and buy some organic onions.

Here are the 5 most great and important reasons to eat onions

Stuffy ears

Peel the onion with a cloth and put it in the very beginning of your ear canal. Don’t push the core too deep in your ear!

Leve it to act overnight. Onion contain juices that will soften the accumulated ear wax, and the next day you can clean your ears without problems.


Are you spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and you burn yourself more than usual? Don’t worry just cut on onion in half and place it on the burned area. This will ease and decrease the pain right away.

Wasp and bee stings

Stings and wasp and are very dangerous, and they can even lead to death in people who are allergic to them. Don’t panic! Just remove the stinger or have someone remove it for you. Mash some onion and add it on the area, but don’t add pressure on it.


Maybe you remember how your granny placed onions in your socks. This is an old home treatment against fever which can help a lot.


And the last, but not the least, onions can be amazing detox food. You have to consume them raw in order to remove toxins from your body. This is an effective way to stay toxin-free.

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